Hearing Services

Hearing Assessments

Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA)

The PTA test assesses hearing level by demonstrating a specific response (such as hand-raising or button pushing) to an acoustic stimulus. The test is performed by air and bone conduction to obtain ear- and frequency-specific information. Results define the nature and degree of hearing impairment. PTA test is appropriate for individuals from school-age through adulthood. The individual is asked during the test to raise his/her hand or press a button each time he/she hears a sound.

Impedance Audiometry (IA)

The IA test provides information about the status of the tympanic membrane and middle ear system. (i.e., middle ear pathology/effusion, negative pressure possibly indicating Eustachian tube dysfunction). The test is appropriate for individuals from 4 months through adulthood. Specialized equipment is required for accurate assessment of infants under four months of age. During the test, the probe tone is introduced into the ear. The amount of sound reflected by the tympanic membrane is measured by a probe in the ear canal as the pressure in the ear canal is varied.

Hearing Aids Style

Behind-the-ear (BTE)

hearing aid can be used with any degree of hearing loss. It is easily operated and particularly suitable for young children and elders. The plastic casing contains the electronics to be connected to a custom-made earmould through a plastic tube. The BTE hearing aid is usually more powerful than ITE and CIC.

In-the-ear (ITC)

hearing aid is not appropriate for young children. The shell of the hearing aid is custom-made. The hearing aid itself is small in size, with telecoil option available. Like an ear plug, the hearing aid is placed inside the ear. Compared with the prices, ITC is cheaper than CIC.

Completely-in-canal (CIC)

hearing aid is not appropriate for young children. The shell of the hearing aid is custom-made. Small size of the hearing aid is placed deeply within the ear canal and is cosmetically inconspicuous. CIC reduces wind noise and can be used with a normal telephone handset.


hearing aid employs a unique ear fitting that keeps your ears open to sounds. Once you wear the hearing aids from the very first visit, you will start to enjoy the benefits immediately. Open-fit hearing aid is a miniature transparent-grey housing design, combined with the nearly invisible ear-set.

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